A Fine Victorian Teaset on Tray

A Fine Victorian Teaset on Tray

A Six Piece tea and coffee set, John Samuel Hunt, London 1856
A Victorian silver tray, Edward Barnard & Sons, London, 1900
Silver-plated burner for the kettle stand.

The tray, 31 inches (79cm) long
Silver weight: 190oz troy (5939g)

The Teaset
Kettle on stand,15 inches high (38cm)
Silver-weight: 153.5 oz troy (4780g)

This set is sold with a UK government ivory exemption reference VK2QDST8

Prices exclude custom clearance fees which will be charged directly to the client by your receiving courier, importer or government.



Height 38 cm / 1' 3 "
Width 79 cm / 2' 7 "
Weight 10.72 kg (344.66 troy ozs)